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Battlefrog, the best obstacle course race

Now is your time to become a BattleFrog participant:

Run the BattleFrog Open

Can I do it?

Yes, you absolutely can! No matter your age, athletic ability or experience level, everyone can do a BattleFrog Race! At every race we have an incredibly wide variety of participants, all of whom wish to create a memorable experience and have fun. With six different obstacle courses for adults and kids, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Create a team with your friends or go solo and meet incredible people along the way.

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What if I can't complete an obstacle?

Don't sweat it! After giving your best effort, you can skip an obstacle and do 10 8-count body builders instead!

Don’t know what an 8-count
body builder is?

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Don’t miss the experience of an unforgettable day!
Find a race for your kids:

Can I run with kids?

Enjoy our obstacle course for kids

You bet! Parents are more than welcome to run with their kids and help them. Our BattleFrog Pro-Team athletes and staff are also present throughout the course to lend a hand and motivate the kids.

Run together at BattleFrog

Festival Area

It’s not only a kids race, it’s an adventure!

Inflatable bounce-house and mini obstacle playground, festival challenges, portrait station, delicious food and drinks from our sponsors… There’s no shortage of activities for everyone to enjoy!

Obstacle course races

What's your challenge?

Am I an Elite?

How to be an elite runner

There are no requirements to race Elite; however, anyone who does so should feel comfortable with obstacles and running. Remember that Elite runners must complete every obstacle successfully in order to be eligible for cash prizes!

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Looking for the ultimate endurance challenge? Then the BattleFrog Xtreme course is for you. Starting at 8:30am, you will have until 3:00pm to run as many laps of the 8k course as your legs can handle. Receive the coveted BFX medal and earn stars for every lap you complete!

Let Your Hard Work Pay Off!

BattleFrog is putting up some serious prize money for 2016. Over $300,000 dollars will be awarded across our Elite and Master's Elite divisions this race season. Do you have what it takes to bring home a piece of the pie?

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How to prepare for a race?

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